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galapagos last minute - As specialists booking hundreds of tours a year, we are in an excellent position to know about the boats and to negotiate special prices for you. As a booking agency we are able to give objective advice about the different boats. As we are not dependent on selling any particular boat, our only objective is that your cruise through the Galapagos Islands is the most fantastic experience and we do this by recommending only boats that meet your needs.


GALÁPAGOS.- There are 13 major islands in the Galapagos archipelago which lies 373 km/600 miles from mainland Ecuador.  This incredibly special place is home to plant and animal species whose ancestors floated of were blown there.

Indigenous fauna lives without natural predators, the birds and animals are virtually fearless.  Visitors can walk along trails and pass within inches of numerous species.

To minimize your impact on the fragile ecology, the park authorities have established rules which visitors must abide by and these will be explained by your guide.  On land, trails have been established and visitors are expected to keep to the trails.  Please respect all of the rules that you will be told about once there.



CLIMATE.- The Galapagos Islands have a sub-tropical climate.

From the end of November to June is the rainy season, however, March and April are generally the best months to visit the islands as the weather is warm, the winds light, and the sea is calm.

From July to November is the dry season although it does become progressively overcast on the southern sides of the islands as the months pass.  August and September tend to be considered the 'worst' months to visit as there is hardly any sun and it can be quite cold.

From December to March the El Niño current, may flow which brings heavy rain from the north. This does not happen every year.


CRUISE INFORMATION.- On most cruises you sleep on board, traveling between the islands at night and visiting the islands during the day.

Boats are organized into five classes - Economic, Tourist, superior tourist, first class and Luxury.  The reality however is that a good economic boat will be better than a poorly run but  more expensive luxury boat, so these distinctions can mean very little.  It is really important to get accurate information about the choices available.

Tours vary in length from eight days, seven nights to as short as four days, three nights. Because two of these days are spent getting to and from the islands an eight day trip will give you seven full days in the islands whereas a four day trip will give you only three. Please check the differents alternatives to find the best options for your cruise.


What to bring

Dress is casual and informal and you should bring:

  • shorts
  • long and short sleeve lightweight shirts
  • a windbreaker and light sweater (July to November can be chilly)
  • walking shoes or tennis shoes
  • bathing suit
  • long trousers
  • passport
  • a lockable suitcase or backpack
  • sunglasses with a strap
  • wide brimmed hat
  • really good sunscreen or suntan lotion (SPF 25) and chapstick
  • camera
  • a day pack
  • snorkeling equipment (ask to see if your boat has it on board)
  • towel (not needed on all boats)
  • $100 USD Galapagos Park Entrance fee.




Address: Av. Del Establo N25-33
Phone: +593 2 2446099
whatsapp: +593 996807207