Since 1993 the best option to visit Ecuador and Galapagos
NEW ADDREESS Av. Del Establo 118 - Site Center Valle de Cumbaya Ecuador: (593) 2 2552 - 505 France e-mail: Quito-Ecuador
Av. Del Establo 118 - Site Center Valle de Cumbaya Ecuador: (593) 2 2552 - 505 France e-mail: Quito-Ecuador
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Galapagos Islands
Tourist or Economy class boats ussually do not have air-conditioning or hot water, with private or shared facilities and small social areas. The food, crew, naturalists, and itinerary are all decent but pale in comparison to higher category yachts.
Itinerary are subject to change at anytime without notice for various factors like safety, weather, mechanical breack down, unforseen emergencies, the captain discretion or the National Park. Accepting all these factors, including adhering to the rules of the Galápagos National Park, is a condition of participation on this trip.
Tourist Class
Luxury Premium First Class Superior Diving Home Galapagos Amazon Andes Coast Travel Info Contact Golondrina I Capacity 16 passengers Day 1 Baltra - Charles Darwin Station 8 double cabins with private bathrooms Day 2 Santa Cruz: Twin Craters - Santa Fe Day 3 Española Lenght 22.22m Day 4 Floreana Speed 8 knots Day 5 North Seymour - Bachas Nights 5 and 8 days Day 6 Genovesa Departure Every Monday and Friday Day 7 Bartolome - Black Turtle Cove On board Salon/dining area, bar. Day 8 Islas Plazas - Baltra Encantada Capacity 12 passengers Day 1 Baltra - Caleta Tortuga Negra Accommodation in spacious double cabins with  upper and lower beds with private bathrooms  and hot/cold. Day 2 Rabida - Puerto Egas ( Santiago) water, and air conditioning. Bilingual  guide on  the tour. Day 3 Bartolome - Sombrero Chino Lenght Day 4 Islas Plazas - Charles Darwin Station Speed Day 5 Floreana - Post Office Bay & Corona Diablo - Punta  Cormorant Nights 5 and 8 days Day 6 Española - Punta Suarez - Bahia Gardner Departure Every Sunday and Wednesday Day 7 Cristobal - Isla Lobos - Santa Fe On board Day 8 Seymour Norte - Baltra Sulidae Capacity 12 passengers Day 1 San Crsitobal - Airport - Playa Ochoa 6 double cabins, each with private bath and Day 2 Playa Puerto Grande/León Dormido - Isla Lobos shower (not hot water)- AC. Day 3 Chato - Gemelos - Punta Carrión - Lava tunnels Lenght 63 ft Day 4 Cueva de los Piratas (Pirate's Cave) - Loberia Speed 8 knots Day 5 Isabela - Sierra Negra Volcano - Chico Volcano -  La  Conche Perla Snorkel Days 8 Days Day 6 Wetlands port - Turtle Breeding Center - Las  Tintoreras Departure Thursday Day 7 Charles Darwin Research Station - Tortuga Bay On board Sundecks, lounge/restaurant, bar Day 8 Centro de Interpretacion - San Cristobal Airport Info Itinerary Cabins Info Itinerary Cabins Info Itinerary Cabins